Lens-Artists Challenge #244 – Glowing Moments

superbloom, AZ, cactus, glow, buttercups, yellow
Desert Glow

“If a flower can flourish in the desert, you can flourish anywhere.”

Mashona Dhimaya

This week we welcome guest host Siobhan of Bend Branches, who invites us to share some Glowing Moments. I’ve opened with a favorite of many glowing moments captured during an amazing desert superbloom in Arizona. It’s always special visiting my brother and his family there. Equally glowing, the simple aloe plant below, captured here on Kiawah following a morning rain. It’s the grasses behind the plant that give the image its glow.

aloe, plant, yellow, green, glow, raindrops
Aloe Glow

“Not all thorns hurt, some protect you as well.”

Jagadeesh Kumar

Of course, one might expect a glow from flowers in the sunlight, but a glowing rock? Now that is something I think Siobhan, an environmental scientist, would appreciate. I captured these at an Ohio state park while visiting friends there. Again, special moments spending time with friends while exploring an amazing new place.

rocks, glowing, colorful
Glowing Rocks

“Rocks and minerals: the oldest storytellers.”

A.D. Posey

Speaking of rocks, I was reminded of some magical glowing moments when my husband and I visited Sedona. I captured the image that follows from high above the town one morning at daybreak. It seems there are some very early risers there, including yours truly – which as I’ve often admitted, is not the usual me!

Sedona, AZ, morning, lights, daybreak
Glowing Moment, Sedona

“Come with me to the mountains. Every rock there tells a story.”

Avijeet Das 

Of course I couldn’t let Siobhan’s challenge pass by without including an image of a glowing moment on Kiawah’s beautiful beach. The image that follows is one of my favorites – the glow is subtle in a beautiful sky above the ocean’s magic.

sunset, sky, ocean, foam, pink, Kiawah
Kiawah Magic

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”

Crystal Woods

Mother Nature has given us many memorable glowing moments, but others can be found thanks to the evolution of technology. For example, from the simple lightbulb:

lightbulb, glow, lamp, glow, bulb
A Simple Glow

To creative lighting in architecture:

windows, stained glass, four, colorful, glow
Windows Aglow, Israel

To an explosion of city lights:

Shanghai, night, lights, Bund, Shanghai, glow
Walking The Bund, Shanghai

And finally, to a simple combination of nature and human ingenuity:

night sky, start, light, blue
Best of Both Worlds

“Lighting is more complex than one thinks.”

Horst P. Horst

Sincere thanks to Siobhan for her creative challenge and for joining us as guest host this week. Please be sure to visit and to link your responses to her beautiful post here. Remember to use the Lens-Artists Tag to make sure your post appears in our WP reader section. Thanks also to Donna for her Tricky post last week. We had tons of fun seeing your very creative responses. Finally, I’ll be hosting the challenge next week here on Travels and Trifles and hope to see you then. In the meanwhile, as always please stay safe, be kind and enjoy the journey.

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117 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #244 – Glowing Moments

  1. The variety of lighting in these photos… each one so different, it really shows the power of good photography and how different lighting can make the mood (make a photo) memorable. The Sedona sunrise is my favorite, just because I love the early morning light… even though it is not easy to get up and enjoy such scenes. I have a friend in California who has been in heaven running from place to place enjoying the blooms, and your first shots made me think how great it would be to spend time there now, seeing it all with the quiet feel of natural light… but then there is the excitement of the Bund in Shanghai and Israel, which while at the other extreme can still be just as intoxicating 🙂 Excellent work, as always, Tina. Wishing you and your family many more glowing moments!

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  4. Gorgeous glows and images Tina, I especially love the yellow glow of the desert flowers and the beautiful ‘best of both worlds’ in the starry night sky 💜

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  7. Wow, Tina. Each image is more stunning than the previous one! How is that possible?!? What inspiring images…the superbloom, Sedona, the aloe glow…I can’t choose a favorite this week. 🙂 Hoping you have some wonderful glowing moments this week, too.

    • Many thanks I.J. The state park where the rock was captured was a real surprise for me. Good friends took us there knowing my love of photography and all things nature. The last image is one I made during a photography class focused on using artificial light such as in the tower. It was great fun.

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  9. I truly believe that these photos are captured due to your glowing genius, Tina. It’s pretty hard to see anything glowing when the soul is dark. Happy Easter.

  10. I love your Kiawah shot and the lights of Shanghai, and the glowing rocks are fascinating, but for me nothing can beat the impact of that fabulously colourful opener!

  11. Wonderful glowing florals, rocks and scenery, Tina! We spent a few days in Arizona’s red Rock country then 3 in Bryce Canyon NP. Wow, talk about a glow! Can’t wait to share my pics soon! Have a blessed Easter and have a great week 🙏

    • Must admit I didn’t think of Bryce for this one Terri, and now I’m really ticked that I didn’t. It’s a marvelous example of glowing. We stayed through a thunderstorm, everyone else left and we had the most spectacular light ever after it cleared. Look forward to seeing yours!

  12. Wow, these are beautiful Tina, hard to pick a favourite – maybe the first one because I just love flowers

    • I’m rather partial to that one for the same reason Karina – and also because the superbloom is such a wonderful memory. Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

  13. Very creative with natural glows. The glow of the rock is wonderful. Great caption, too. That apartment building in Israel is so colorful, it grabbed my attention. There’s something about a night glow that’s intriguing. Of course, the Shanghai photo is perfect 👌

    • Thanks Dan, appreciate the lovely comment. The Israel windows were actually in a church, rather a modern version of stained glass I suppose. if the Shanghai photo is perfect it’s only because Shanghai itself is!!

      • I think the shape of the Israel windows threw me off. Very modern. You’’ve really had a lot of incredible trips.

  14. You KNOW I loved this! Home sweet home. I love more your words that reflect how all the photos are glowing moments, some made better because of the people who surround you. Your gallery reflected an all encompassing grasp of the challenge. (Nature, home, travel, spirituality, family, and technology.) I’ll bet Siobhan likes the rocks too. I smiled to think I know right where you are standing for your Sedona photo. And you might be surprised that my favorite photo is of Shanghai. Brilliant color in a bustling city.

    “Come with me to the mountains. Every rock there tells a story.” Truth.

    • Much appreciated Donna. You read me like a book on this one 😊. Shanghai was so far beyond my expectations (as was the rest of China I must admit). As we arrived and started to unpack I heard a noise so we went outside and there were incredible fireworks over the river between the main part of the city and Pudong. A fantastic sensory memory. And yes, I’m sure based on your post from Sedona that were were at the same overlook. I hope it was warmer for you than for us – I have some fun icy images from that visit!

      • Icy is pretty impressive. We specifically traveled up there following the cold temps. a few months ago. Met some people from the east coast who were in love with Sedona, and in fact we took them along with us. I told them to make sure they took a photo of agave and cacti in the snow. It is a sight not many get to see. I have said it before, maybe too many times. Sedona never disappoints.

  15. Your desert images remind me of the few super blooms that Lynn and I enjoyed during our winter/spring stays in Arizona. Thanks for the memories.
    The glow of city lights is always magical!

    • Thanks John. I’ve seen two in AZ and one in CA. They’re astounding IMHO. One cannot understand how beautiful they are until experienced first-hand. Glad you enjoyed.

  16. Absolutely stunning album. Israel, Sedona and the Simple Glow – love them. For me Shanghai was the best. Did you use and ND filter when you shot that?

    • Thanks so much Paul. No filter used – we were very fortunate to have pristine weather and very clear air when we visited. I met another blogger while there and she sent me an image a week later with air so dirty you couldn’t see Pudong! I did us L/R dehaze but only very minimally.

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  18. Beautiful! Hard to choose but you know I’m always going with that glorious Kiaweh sunset. Happy Easter to you and yours, Tina! We’re in the UK, knee deep in DIY 🤣🐰🌷🐣💗

  19. What a beautiful selection of photos Tina! It’s funny that the other day I had this doubt, while painting a scenery by looking at a tutorial, that how come the mountain is red. And now your pic showed that it is indeed possible 😀. The desert bloom scene is gorgeous. That last photo is very creative.

  20. enjoyed the variety and especially liked the layers in the Glowing Moment @Sedona – and then in the post – the light bulb started a nice sequence to that explosion of lights

  21. Awesome response to this challenge Tina! You had your creative mojo going. A light bulb, buildings at night, colorful windows and sunsets in beautiful areas. Loved them all.

  22. Love the Best of Both Worlds and glowing rocks.
    The glowing rock example- is that the colour of the rock or sunlight reflection?
    Desert glow is unique and a perfect and timely catch!
    I am seeing a glow in your face as I am admiring these clicks 😃😃

    • 😊loved the “glow on my face” thought Philo! The glowing rock was indeed the color shown in the image. I was fascinated by that park, which climbed up and down through rocks and trees and streams, it was glorious. Truly a hidden gem (although as I recall my husband and our friends, while happy with my delight, may have preferred a slightly faster pace LOL.

    • Thanks so much Judy. It was truly spectacular. Timing is everything with superblooms, we were just lucky to catch it. The pundits say this could be another year for it both in AZ and CA. I think it depends on an unusual amount of rain.

      • Very true. I don”t think I’ll make it to AZ this year although I may eat those words as I need both a new iphone and perhaps a new computer and both are so much more expensive in Mexico. My sister lives in Peoria (Phoenix) so that is where I now go. My Mom lived in Tucson for 30 years.

      • So clearly you know it well! Sounds to me like you need to have your sister order what you want and ship it to you there! 😊 Although a trip back would also be nice.

  23. Great examples of glowing moments, Tina! I especially liked the one with the backlit cactus. Loved the straight and curving lines on the rocks. Glowing rocks? Cool! Great seaside sunset photo and one of a city aglow with lights. Also liked the combination of artificial and natural light in the last one.

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