Tina’s Published Works

Feel free to check in on some of my published works:

NY Times, December 2012 “Why We Travel

Camera in the Wild, Carolina Nature Photographers, Fall 2012
(Treasures of the West)

Naturally Kiawah, (Magazine Cover Shot), Summer 2011

Naturally Kiawah (Magazine Cover Shot), Winter/Spring 2012/2013


15 thoughts on “Tina’s Published Works

  1. I have a Dell 30 inch monitor with a wide gamut, and yes, it is calibrated (I too dabble in photography – ejdalise.smugmug.com).

    If the photos on my blog and Smugmug look “right” to you, then my x-rite sensor is doing its job.

    Then again, I am old . . . perhaps my eyes are tired. It is, after all, the end of the day here, and I stare at monitors and drawings all day long.

    Or, it could be that I am referring ONLY TO LINKS (the text reads fine), and did not make that clear.

    Anyone who clicks on the option (in Windows) to show links as blue, is likely to have the same issues I have. Perhaps I’m the only one who sets links to blue.

  2. I don’t know how it reads on other people’s monitors, but the choice of blue against a gray background makes the letter hard to read.

    However, as I said, it might just be me. As it is, I could not read most of the text.

    • Bummer – on my laptop it’s black on gray. On my Iphone it’s black on white and on my ipad it’s black on gray. This is the first time I’ve had someone tell me they can’t read the text 😦 Is your monitor calibrated??? I’m so sorry you can’t read the text. Is it just on the “published works” page, or the entire blog?

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