On Being Blue

“What if the blue i see is not the same color blue you see?”

Neo Shamon



It’s a funny thing about blue. There are as many varieties of the color as one can imagine, and beyond that, blue can also depict sadness or feeling unhappy. Last week we bid farewell to the WordPress Photo Challenge, which made many of us a bit sad. So this week, I’ve decided to look at some happier examples of the blues. 



“Let the blue of the sky and ocean take your blue away when you feel blue.”

Munia Khan

Here on Kiawah we are blessed with an amazing variety of birdlife.  How can a photographer complain when faced with a gorgeous, normally furtive night heron mucking about in the bright green algae of a local pond? (And yes, their eyes really are that red!) How can one be sad while watching a feisty little bluebird making the most of a local birdbath?



“If you are feeling blue, try to paint the sky with It.”

Muhammad Imran Hasan

Even while playing (bad) golf on a beautiful day, the sight of a lone egret posing against a bright blue sky is enough to make one smile even after a nasty double bogey. How nice of him to wait until we’d finished before soaring off to his next destination. 🙂



“Blue is everlastingly painted by the deity to be a source of delight.”
John Ruskin

Finally, I’ve seen many great blue herons here on Kiawah, and photographed quite a few as well. The capture above, however, is one of my favorites. To me, the shape of the heron’s neck, and the expression on her face, looks almost angelic. One wonders what such a beautiful creature must be thinking at any given moment.


May all of your blues this week be happy ones – see you next week.


101 thoughts on “On Being Blue

  1. Love the heron but have to say my favorite is the bluebird. Partly because I’ve always heard “bluebird of happiness” but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

  2. For one or other reason I skipped this post. Had I read it beforehand I would have linked it to my moon post as seeking blue skies on the moon will leave you feeling blue. Absolutely gergeous shrimp boat shot

  3. Were your ears burning a little bit today? I’m taking a class about writing blogs and our homework was to bring in links to sites we liked. Everyone liked yours – the beautiful images that help tell a story, memorable quotes, and just the right amount of text. Just wanted to pass that on. 🙂

  4. The contained elegance of the heron or the dizzy pleasure of the blue bird bathing? What an amazing world we get to share, Tina. Wishing you the happiest of weeks (and maybe, even, no bogies? 🙂 )

  5. blue-tee-ful post and loved the flow of the layers and splashes of these soft gray blues and rich ness – has a cheery vibe and usually blue can well – um, feel blue – ha

  6. The bluebird looks so happy and as Amy said, looks like a fun shot. Maybe the egret was enjoying your golf game…he must have gotten a kick seeing you do a double bogey and was silently laughing away 😀 Hopefully a better round at the golf next time round, Tina. Amazing shots as usual and have a good week 🙂

  7. What a gorgeous collection, Tina! You’ve got so many wonderful shots here. I am a bit “blue” too about the end of the challenge. It brought so many of us together every week, but we should not let it end! It’s been great fun.

  8. I still yet to see a blue bird. Your shot of frockling on the water makes me feel gay and happy. All shades of blue is my favourite color. Double bogey, is that a good hit?

    • Hi Perpetua. We have so many bluebirds here, I actually have a mating pair in my backyard. As for a double bogey, sadly no, that is NOT a good thing! We always say a bad day of golf beats a good day of work any time 😊

      Sent from my iPhone


  9. These are so beautiful, Tina. I might try to paint one, with your permission. I promise I would never sell, much less show it to anyone outside my family 😀😀

    Sent from my iPad


    • Ann, I’m honored that you’d choose to paint from my images. Paint away my friend – but do let me know if you are happy with you results. I’d love to see it!

  10. Some beautiful blues Tina, thank you so much for sharing and enjly your weekend!🤗💖 xxx

  11. I love the blue bird splashing around – beautiful shot of the bird and he splashing water drops! I remember when they were becoming extinct and my parents worked so hard to feed and give them water. I always feel happy when I see one. The blue heron is great.. maybe she’s singing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!”

    • Maybe so ML – do you know I don’t think I’ve ever heard a great blue do anything but squawk?!! Glad you enjoyed the little blue – he was having a blast in the bird bath that day.

  12. This week had more than its share of blues with the sad news of two high-profile suicides. Nature, especially beautiful birds, can be a welcome balm. Thanks for these positive-side-of-blues photos!

    • You are so right Lex – I’d totally forgotten about that as I wrote the post before either one. Terribly sad. I especially feel for the young daughters each left behind.

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