Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: SOFT

“The Earth is Art. The photographer is only a witness.”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand



Although is can sometimes be used as a derogatory adjective, implying weakness or limited intelligence, for the most part the word SOFT conjures up a warm, happy feeling. Soft-hearted, soft-touch, soft-spoken – you get the idea.  This week as I think back on our visit to rural New York state, I remember the softness of many of the farm animals, especially the two little sheep above. 



“A soft heart is a strong heart, and a hard heart is a weak heart.”

Criss Jamie

Of course, there are all kinds of soft creatures around the world. One example – the long-haired Highland Cow above. He was one of my favorite finds on our visit to Scotland several years ago. I wondered how on earth he was able to see anything at all through those soft bangs.



“Just because you are soft doesn’t mean you are not a force.

Victoria Erickson

In Patagonia we were entertained by a small herd of alpaca grazing in the hills. Their fleece provides some of the warmest, softest, most luxurious fabric in the world.


This week show us your interpretation of SOFT. Is it something as simple as a puppy’s fur, or as personal as your favorite quilt or sweater? Maybe it’s the soft light of dawn or the whisper of a soft breeze through the trees. Let us know in your response what SOFT means to you.

Remember to add the Lens-Artists tag to your post, and to link to this one. Be sure to tune in for Patti’s challenge next week on Pilotfish


Last week Xenia treated us to a wonderful verse and a tranquil scene at Scotland’s Cairngorms National park . Catch her post here.

Pauline shared the many ways Aussies relax in her post. To see her response click here.


For more information about our challenge and how to participate, click here.



176 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: SOFT

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  4. This did not show in the reader so thanks to Patti for the repost. Love all your soft fluffy animals an the soft looking flowers around the sheep. I will be back soon

    • Bummed about the reader issues Pauline, thanks for tracking me down. I’ve reported to the WP “happiness engineers”. Sadly this is the second occurrence so hopefully this time they’ll REALLY fix it. Looking forward to your response for the week!

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  6. On Saturday 6pm south African time I was thinking to myself: “Has Tina gone soft in the head, why isn’t she posting the new challenge”? Just for the record I did not think that!! In my version of Soft (still to be posted) I do deliberate a wee bit about softness in the head ass applicable to myself. Unfortunately I can again not see your post in the reader despite following you. I saw the your post via Patti’s post. But maybe this time the problem is on my side, as people are certainly commenting.

    Any way I do like the photos of the animal soft toys

    • Hi Abrie, thx for finding me! The Reader is a mess. I’ve reported it again. 3 workaround ideas: in your “manage” of the reader sign up for email notices of my posts 2) add the “lens-artists” tag to your reader (my post showed up there), 3) in Reader “Followed sites” do a search on travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com. The latest post showed up there for me even tho it didn’t show up in Reader Followed sites. Many of the responders this week didn’t show up one place or the other. Sigh

      Sent from my iPhone


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  16. I know we’d be lost without it, Tina, but I do get cross with WP sometimes. It has kicked both you and Patti out of the people that I follow and I found the challenge ‘accidentally’ on Twitter! They must be jealous of your new challenge 🙂 🙂 Love your soft images, especially that ‘alpaca’ on the alert!

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  21. Such soft and antiqued animal portraits, Tina. Love the hairy highland cattle. Good memories of the last shot–I believe it’s a Guanaco…a relative of the Alpaca. 🙂

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  23. Softness in every detail, Tina! One of my favorites in general is the Highland Cattle – but this time, the Alpaca in the grass is a real winner. The animal and the grass is “one” – nature harmony captured at its best.

  24. Holy Cow! I feel like giving him a good brush and tie up his bangs on a pony tail. The sheeps are definitely soft looking. As for the Alpaca, I will stay away. The style of these photos give a soft appearance, Tina.

  25. Thank you Tina for this challenge. I have felt the softness of a sheep’s coat and can image myself running my hands through the strands of the highland cattle’s hair, I’ve never seen an alpaca…looks as though the touch would be fuzzy soft.

    I went for the softness of Colorado’s green grass in which I learned to appreciate after experiencing Florida’s sawgrass.


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  28. Thank you so much for your kind mention Tina and for hosting this beautiful new prompt for the week :o) xxx

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