Lens-Artists Challenge #148 – Spots & Dots


“A photograph is a universe of dots….It peels back the shadows and redeems the dazed and rumbling past.”

Don DeLillo

This week Ann-Christine threw me into a bit of a loop thinking about spots and dots. I decided to reach into the archives to see what I could find to fit her challenge. My opener above is from nearby Asheville, NC, which has a fun and funky area filled with amazing wall art. I loved the bright pink dots that brightened up the front of the otherwise dilapidated and deserted house.

peacock, blue, green

“A kiss, when all is said, what is it?….’Tis a secret told to the mouth instead of to the ear.”

Edmond Rostand

I couldn’t think of a better example of dots than the proud peacock in my image above. I’ve shown hm before in my posts about Magnolia Gardens, where he lives and prances about, proudly showing off his beautiful colors.

leopard cub

“Believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path.”

Steve Jobs

I have many favorite images from our African safaris, and those shown below contain a myriad of dots in multiple spots. I chose to feature the not-so-little leopard cub above because really, what could be more adorable?! He looks like you could reach out and cuddle him, but his mom – very nearby and watching closely – might not appreciate it.

(L to R below: Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill aka banana bird, cheetah, guinea hen. giraffe, cheetah, hyena)


β€œLife is the night sky. All the dots of stars are happiness”

Richard L. Ratliff

Butterflies are everywhere during spring on Kiawah, but the zebra longwing shown below is a bit more rare. I came upon this one with its red and white dots and yellowish stripes, on Kiawah’s Ocean Course. Not far from my home, the course will host next week’s PGA golf event and its 10,000 attendees (including yours truly). I’m thinking the butterflies may choose to go into hiding until the coast is clear 😊.


“Purpose is the thread that connects the dots to everything you do that leads you to an extraordinary life.”

Oprah Winfrey

I captured the rainy-day image below while visiting family in New York. They have a wonderful view of the nearby hills and mountains but on the day of this rainstorm the clouds obscured most all of the normally-beautiful scene. The rainy, foggy vista however, had a beauty all its own.


“The impulse to connect the dots – and to share what you’ve connected – is the urge that makes you an artist.”

Amanda Palmer

Finally, I’ll close with the little one below in her pink polka dot blouse and her very chic outfit. Tell me she doesn’t look like a break dancer just about to open her show!


“Somebody can paint with a fine brush like Monet, or somebody can splatter it up there like Kandinsky or Pollock and say ‘yep, that’s art.’ That’s OK.”

Patrick Wilson

Sincere thanks to all who responded to last week’s garden challenge. You presented us with an amazing array of gardens around the world and reminded us of the joy that gardens bring – whether our own, our neighbors’ or those that are world-renowned. This week we look forward to seeing your spots and dots. Please remember to link them to Ann-Christine’s original post here, and to use the Lens-Artists tag. I’ll be back right here on Travels and Trifles to host next week’s challenge. In the meanwhile, as always please remember to stay safe and be kind.

116 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #148 – Spots & Dots

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    • Many thanks Sue. The cub was truly adorable. Mama was quite unhappy with him as he’d accidentally knocked down her catch from the tree where they were eating it 😊. She had to climb down and carry it back up again. You could honestly imagine her thoughts LOL.

  3. Great photo gallery showcasing spots and dots, Tina. I love the spots in nature the most. Your selection of quotes are brilliant for this theme. I’ve met Patrick Wilson a few times at our son’s house, and the last quote is so him. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Donna – there was so much to take in around that place, a photographer’s dream. I love the way our friends always take me to see things like that when we visit with them.

  4. I knew we’d be in for a treat with your animal shots from your travels Tina. And that peacock shot is amazing…luv it! Great colors in that opening shot as well. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much Andy. Actually truth be told, I was struggling with the one and it was my husband who suggested the animals. That set me on track and I enjoyed the hunt for the other images. A fun topic this week I thought!

    • Many thanks Babsje! Indeed the header image is a very decorative roof I saw years back somewhere in Central Europe. It definitely caught my eye but I’ve never used the image. Appreciate your asking about it!

    • Thanks Miriam – yes I agree wholeheartedly about details. Often we’re not thinking about is as we’re shooting but find wonderful surprises along the way.

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  6. What a wonderful collection of spots and dots, Tina. That little girl stole my heart. As always, your images of nature are fantastic…the butterfly, the leopards, the raindrops…wonderful! It’s true that we’ve had such varied responses to this theme. It is fun, as AC hoped! Take care and enjoy the week. Next then…the PGA!

    • Many thanks Patti! Thankfully our weather is cooperating for the PGA week – some years back we hosted during August and it was a horrific week of brutally hot and stormy days. Glad you enjoyed the post – it took me a while to get going on it but once I got into it I found dots everywhere! Wishing you a terrific week as well.

    • Hello Rudi, and welcome to you! Thanks for jumping over from Frank’s post – he’s such a creative and thoughtful blogger. Appreciate the follow and hope to see you join our weekly challenge!

  7. Well, Tina, you have done it again! I had so wished for your nature shots, and they came…in abundance. I love them ALL, but I must say the little cub and the little girl are so sweet and adorable…must go back and see them again. And what could be more dotted/spotted than a guinea hen? Brilliant choices and beautiful images. Nature is the best – always!

    • You are most kind Ann-Christine, so glad you enjoyed these. I was tempted to go 100% nature but there was so much more fun to be had with some of the other “dots”. A terrific challenge this week – thanks to you!

      • Yes, I am delighted so many seems to appreciate it. I guess it is as positive as it is easy to find examples – and, it gets some fantasy going!

  8. Amazing how you can spot the dots in the most unusual places, Tina. And the photos are gorgeous too. I loved the eye catching mural, the raindrops, the animal kingdom in all its glory. There were so many dots, really. Then there was the caption for the little child, I could literally see her breaking into some seriously cool moves. Finally your closing quote on art and its kind was supreme. Simply awesome!
    All the best for the PGA . I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun.

    • Many thanks Sheetal. Today the PGA mania begins – we hope it isn’t TOO overwhelming! Fortunately the weather gods are cooperating so that will help make the week more fun. Appreciate your stopping by and your lovely comment.

  9. What a great theme and very popular around WP today Tina! I love that roof shot and how so many creatures in nature rely on their spots as protection. Wonderful images this week. We have a peacock near us believe it or not, maybe half a mile. Not something I would expect in North western rural America 😊

  10. Whereas A-C blew me away with the images of the exhibition, you have taken me through a journey through nature. Brilliant, Tina …. and the peacock stopped me in my tracks. Love the theme, the choices you made, and your magic with the camera.

  11. What a fun post, Tina, with such a wide variety of Dots in all the right Spots! Especially love your examples in nature and the young girl in her ‘hot’ pink polka dot blouse.

  12. That leopard cub is adorable and I enjoyed all your other safari photos in particular too, also the raindrops on the window really appealed to me – perhaps because I have some similar shots from St Ives in Cornwall which I must share some time πŸ˜‰ And that little one in her spotted blouse is very cute!

    • LOL, you’ve identified one of the biggest challenges of a photography blog my friend 😊. Glad you enjoyed my choices this week. I thought it was a fun subject and it brought me some smiles at fond memories as I put together my response.

    • Thanks Beth – glad those made you smile. I think the subject this week calls for some fun and have been enjoying the responses thus far. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  13. Lots of dots in so different kinds. Well done. I like especially the peacock. For so long I’m eager to ge such an image. Decades ago, I was able to capture a similar image of an all-white (albino) peacock as the last image of my film. Unfortunately, it wasn’t complete (the risk of a last image back infill days – I guess, it was image number 37 or 38 out of an 36-image film). I took it in a zoo. Some zoos have their peacocks running freely in the area right after the entrance. So, it’s quite easy to capture them. But most often the beatuitful feathers are damaged and since that day I’ve never seen an albino again.

    • Oh Andre, I cannot imagine how beautiful an albino peacock would be and can sense the disappointment you’d have felt at having lost the shot! I remember, not so fondly, those days of waiting to see the results of our efforts and think perhaps it is the #1 feature of digital photography that we know instantly if we need to recompose or reset. Thanks as always for your visit and comment.

      • IMHO, the main benefits from digital photography over film is a) you get the results at once b) less room for storing the film or the slides c) less waste from the chemicals d) finalise the images in the (digital) darkroom like only a pro were able to do back in film days

    • Thanks Ana – I thought she was truly captivating and her pose drew me in. As for the peacock, he’s quite the draw at the Gardens and seems to love showing off 😊

  14. Great selection of photos! That little kid in the last photo is precious, and I love the safari animals – I am thinking of using my safari photos in my post for this challenge too.

    • Many thanks – glad you enjoyed. Full disclosure, it was my husband’s suggestion to revisit the African images and of course, as usual, he was right 😊

  15. Stunning choices, Tina, and that first one of the house really does stun the senses. πŸ™‚ The top shot reminds me of the Popsicle stick houses and things that we used to make as children. Thought of you the other day, as Mary Alice Monroe has a new book out: “The Summer of Lost and Found.” Hope yo’re having a terrific weekend.


    • Thanks Janet – you’re so right about the popsicle stick houses – I hadn’t thought of that! The image is indeed from the roof of a house! Didn’t know there was a new Monroe – must give it a read. She does love our lowcountry as much as I do! Appreciate, as always, your visit and comment

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  18. Great examples, Tina. I can picture you scouting through all your images..memories coming back with every one.

    • Thanks John – cheetahs were nearly the last of the big cats we came across and their power, speed and grace was incredible. I’m so glad we finally found them. As for the “cherub” she definitely steals the show!

  19. Tina, you’re spot on! This is a great post on spots and dots. I love the images and quotes. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow (never to give back) some of your ideas. Take care!

    • LOL for “spot on” Anne. You are more than welcome to “borrow” whatever suits your fancy this week – I look forward as always to seeing your choices.

    • Thanks Jo – funny we never know what will resonate with our readers. I nearly left the little girl out of the post but thought she was just so adorable. Clearly this week’s readers agree.

    • LOL, “here kitty, kitty” – somehow I think that would have ended in disaster Lois! We watched an entire drama play out as his mother dragged her very large prey up the tree, only to have the cub accidentally drop it back down. One of those safari moments we never forget. Thanks very much Lois, glad you enjoyed that one.

    • Thanks Jane – I don’t think I’ve posted that one before although I have included a photo of the cub with his mother in some older posts. He was truly adorable!

  20. Great takes on this week’s theme! Love the little cheetah as well as that adorable child at the end. But sheer genius it was to see raindrops on a window pane and a glorious show-off peacock! I had a hard time thinking of anything, and these are great choices! Have fun at the PGA. Oh, how I’d like to be at Ocean Course watching the people — and a little of the golf!

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