Now More Than Ever. . .

I don’t ever reblog but there is a first time for everything. The idea of spreading a positive message to combat the darkness makes some sense to me. Like Many of us, my thoughts are with the peace-loving people of New Zealand tonight.

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Yesterday, forty-nine fellow inhabitants of our world were murdered while they were worshiping in Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The madness of this act is unfathomable. The fact that it happened in New Zealand is deeply saddening. New Zealand ranks number two in the Global Peace Index.

At times like this our hearts can get very dark and the darkness can be infectious. While we mourn the loss, we must not succumb to a hopeless apathy for the state of our world.

Regardless of what the media would like us to beleive, the vast majority of people in the world are good. They have their hopes and dreams. They have family and friends whom they love. They have jobs and projects and passions and beliefs and art. They are trying to live their lives as well as they can. They are the ones — and we count ourselves among…

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31 thoughts on “Now More Than Ever. . .

  1. A senseless and terrible act of terrorism, but if one thing of good has come from it Tina, it is the outpouring of love and compassion being shown to all people of Christchurch, especially the Muslim community. The world is mourning for New Zealand.

  2. Thank you Tina. New Zealand has been in my thoughts ever since I first heard. Such a sorrowful day and time. As the years go by we keep thinking and hoping never again but know that just around the corner a day like yesterday awaits as it did in Nice and Barcelona and Paris and London and Montreal and Charlottesville and too many other places.

    • I tend to think of these events one at a time Andrew. Seeing them listed is even more heartbreaking. I know there are more of us than of them. I just don’t know how have more impact

  3. Thank you Tina for re-blogging. We, too have visited and worked in NZ. Wonderfully peaceful place! This tragic event is sickening.

  4. No matter where in the world these atrocities take place, I just feel so helpless to make the changes needed to prevent a re-occurrence. There is an empty feeling inside and I wonder just how we have got into such tragic situations.

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