Lens-Artists Challenge #181 – Double Dipping

flower, impressionist, pink
Pretty in Pink – Cee’s Flower of the Day

“Friendship doubles your joys and divides your sorrows.”


Each Saturday the Lens-Artists team presents an opportunity for our followers and/or visitors to add their images and accompanying thoughts on a subject for all to see. This week we’re suggesting that in addition to our challenge, you explore and link to some of the other creative opportunities our friends and fellow challengers make available in the WP blogosphere (or any other sites where you post images). I’ve opened, for example, with an impressionist flower image I’m linking to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

heron, bird, great blue,
Great Blue Heron – Brian’s Last Image on the Card

“I try to put double or multiple meanings into my photographs, which might give rise to a greater variety of interpretations.”

Cindy Sherman

This week my images address the subjects of several other challenges. Each image is titled to show the challenge and my text includes a link as well. Feel free to connect to any or all of them, or to find your own favorite from among the many others available. My great blue heron above is linked to Brian aka Bushboy’s monthly Last Image On The Card. (Cropped and edited, I made the image during a round of golf.)

sunset, sailboat, Kiawah
Sunset Sail – John’s Cellpic Sunday

“A politician is a person who will double-cross that bridge when he comes to it.”

Oscar Levant

Last week’s Lens-Artists challenge welcomed three new members to our team, one of whom is our own John Steiner. John also hosts a weekly challenge, Cellpic Sunday which has only one requirement, the image(s) must have been made with a mobile device such as a cellphone or a drone. I made the image above in November of 2021 using my I-phone 12 Pro Max – which not surprisingly is a definite improvement over my 8+.

lights, tree, holiday
Home for the Holidays – Nadia Merrill’s photo a week challenge – lights

“Let’s not have a double-standard. One standard will do just fine.”

George Carlin

I’ll close with an image I made at the very end of 2021 as my husband and I enjoyed yet another Covid-induced holiday here at home. Each year our local shopping center presents a marvelous display of lights, including lighting a beautiful live oak tree that welcomes both residents and visitors to our little island. I’ve linked this one to Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week challenge – Lights. I’m always a bit sad to see the lights go dark as the holiday season ends so I’ve included this one even though Nancy’s posted a new challenge for this week – animals.

Speaking of ending, it’s time I did so with my challenge this week. Please be sure to include the Lens-Artists tag with your responses, and to link to my original post as well as any other challenges you elected to feature. I’ll close with a sincere thank you to those who shared their wonderful images and stories in last week’s year-end favorites challenge. Despite 2021’s many frustrations, you found ways to share beauty, joy and positivity through your images. Stay tuned for next week’s challenge, hosted by Patti on her Pilotfish blog, and as always, until then please stay safe and be kind.


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