A Summer’s Day on Kiawah

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

Victor Hugo



The big news on Kiawah this week is that a large part of our little 10,000 acre paradise has been sold to a different land developer.  The new owner has promised to preserve its natural beauty and honor the very controlled development agreement with our town.  So far, reaction to the transaction has been favorable and most residents (including yours truly) are simply taking the news in stride.

After my recent post featuring the super moon in Kiawah’s night sky I thought it might be nice to share some of last week’s daytime photos as well. Hopefully after a bit of a meander through our marshes, you can better appreciate why preservation of our natural environment is such a high priority for us.



“The sun is new each day.”


Summer comes early here on Kiawah, in fact this May was the first time ever that we did not reach the 90’s on a single day all month. It’s been remarkably beautiful with unusually low humidity, and everyone is out and about enjoying our beaches, waterways and golf courses.



As my husband and I took our inaugural boat ride for the season, my plan was to leave the camera at home and just enjoy the day.  He  convinced me I should take it “just in case”.  Of course he was right (don’t you hate it when that happens?!) and I found myself shooting away at the glorious scene.  The water was very still and the reflections were lovely as we made our way through the creeks toward the river.



“Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.”

Marty Robbins

Wildlife was all around us; the birds and dolphins seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as much as we were.





“Plans to protect air, water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.”

Stewart Udall

We ended our adventure with a lovely sunset signaling the end of a beautiful day.



Wishing you all a summer filled with sunshine and joy 🙂 .  For those few days when rain keeps you indoors, hop over to Tom’s Palladian Traveler blog or Sue’s A Word in your Ear challenges just for the fun of it!


88 thoughts on “A Summer’s Day on Kiawah

    • Magical is a good word for it 🙂 and truly, the ecosystem is amazing. Our conservancy does a great job of understanding and publishing info about the delicate balance we all need to maintain. Thanks for your comment!

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  1. This looks like a beautiful place to visit and photograph Tina. And I would prefer to see dolphins alongside my boat than a great white shark which has just been shown on TV.

    • Thanks AJ. Not sure as my Mac is home and I am away but I know I had the iso set higher since we were boating and WB was on full sun. I always shoot aperture mode, probably f/9 or 11. Will shoot u an email when I get home.

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  2. I like the two dolphin photos
    and the quote
    “Laughter is the sun
    that drives winter
    from the human face.”
    Victor Hugo
    so I know some winter people
    – but summer people as well…
    dolphins always seem to smile!

  3. Oh my, these are so beautiful!! I love how the clouds reflected in the water, what a treat!! And to capture the bird at such a perfect time!!!

  4. Your day and nigh time views and perspectives of Kiawah are beautiful. I can relate to living close to the water and having a boat to view nature up close. But, it’s hard to not take the camera. Glad you did.

  5. I found the original of the Victor Hugo quotation with which you began. It turns out to be from Les Misérables:

    “Le rire, c’est le soleil; il chasse l’hiver du visage humain.”

  6. great shots…love the ‘lift off in action’ & sunset!!
    you truly have captured our little paradise!! Thanks for brightening our morning!

  7. What a gorgeous place to live in, Tina! I’ve noticed people who live in such places are invariably more tolerant, gentle and thoughtful. Nature does that to you!
    Beautiful pictures you captured there. I really like the one in which the bird is about to take-off. It really seems to be rejoicing in the sunshine! and the sunset shot– elegant as always!

    • Thank you Uday, I think you’re right, there’s something about living close to nature. I’ve also noticed that people in the south are generally happier than in the north, having lived both places. Maybe it’s the sunshine 🙂

  8. I’m certain that Kiawah is known to few by design. The island possesses the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever experienced, and has provided our family with many precious memories. Whenever I hear the word developer of ocean front property, by eyes twitch a little bit and my neck seems to creak like an old pine floor. At this point, I don’t think a developer could ruin the treasure that is Kiawah. I love your fantastic photographs and experiences, and look forward to being touched by more of your world…developers or not!!
    Hope you are well!

    • Elisa, thanks so much for your beautiful comment! So glad to hear you’ve been here. Next time let me know, would love to meet you, maybe do some shooting together! Re the developer, so far they seem to be taking the right approach so we shall see. Fingers crossed :-). And of course, thanks for the lovely compliment on my photography–the feeling is definitely mutual!

      Sent from my iPad

  9. Tina
    When I requested your images i had not idea the treats in store! Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful photos of “our” island! You capture so much of what we take for granted, but need to be reminded of the beautiful landscapes here. I thought the moon shots were captivating, but the light of day cast wonderul shadows of color.
    Ann S

  10. I enjoyed your summer pictures of Kiawah. It makes me feel good to see what you captured. It,s amost like being there. love lee

  11. Tina — Hubby was right. ALWAYS CARRY YOUR CAMERA GEAR. Look how great your first day on the boat turned out. Great captures of your little 10,000 acre preserve. Thanks for the props at the end. I owe you. 🙂

    • Thanks Tom :-). And no worries on the props. Very happy to recommend you, love your blog!

      Sent from my iPad

  12. You live in a very pretty part of your country. Days like the one you have just described are to be treasured. I think water scenes on calm days have that special something that makes them sparkle. Chris G.

  13. Looks idyllic Tina . Glad it seems set to stay the same .
    What a terrific ‘Lift Off’ shot, you must have been as pleased a punch to see that one come up on your ‘review’ screen 🙂

  14. Happy to hear about the he big news on Kiawah. Thank you for letting us know, Tina. Love the still water and reflection shots. Gorgeous “Liftoff in Action”!

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